The “Other India”

By Anjali Ramakrishnan I knew from the minute I got the email saying I was accepted and invited to join Team Crossover, it would be “good experience”. After all, not many 14 year olds get the opportunity to travel to … Continue reading →

What I Learned From Teaching With Crossover

By Shilpa Tummala After completing an entire week of coaching at Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy, I’m not sure what words could capture the cultural and emotional experience I have gone through with this group of volunteers. So rather than trying … Continue reading →

Breaking Barriers, Making An Impact

By RJ Paige I’ve never had so much fun while also having so much to do. These kids were great. So happy and eager to please everyone, trying to put a smile on our faces. It made me want to please … Continue reading →

It’s All About the Children

By Anjali Ramakrishnan I don’t know where to begin. Chaotic? Energizing yet tiring? Eye opening? I was extremely nervous coming into the first day. I would be running the registration table, and I knew there would be papers shoved at … Continue reading →

New Challenges, New Joy

By Neel Kohli June 24th Truth: I was nervous getting ready to go on this trip. I didn’t know anyone going, what they’d be like, or whether I’d fit in, so I just tried not to think about it.

The Mutual Impact of Giving

By AJ Matthew I had no idea what to expect on the first day of camp, but when I saw the first group of kids walk in with smiles on their faces I knew it was going to be phenomenal. … Continue reading →

The First Day

By Shilpa Agrawal Akka*, where do you go home? (Akka means “older sister” in Tamil). I live in America. Akka, what do you eat at home? Idlis, dosas, curd. Really? Are you Indian? Yes! 

The Surprising Thing About Hope

By Devin Bramhall Hope to me speaks to the core of our mission: we’re teaching children that there are greater possibilities for them in the future by teaching them the skills they will need to achieve those great goals. It’s not … Continue reading →

What it Means to Create Hope

By AJ Mathew Hope – a universal symbol of a desire for something or a certain thing to happen. I believe Crossover intentionally uses the term “Creating Hope” because that is our goal with the kids and communities we will … Continue reading →

Taking It All In

By Lauren Koenig-Plonskier It’s impossible to take it all in. As everyone’s eyes flutter and heads roll with the gravity of post lunch drowsiness, mine widen to cartoonish dimensions, unable to relinquish their grasp on the hazy peripheries of my … Continue reading →

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