The “Other India”

By Anjali Ramakrishnan I knew from the minute I got the email saying I was accepted and invited to join Team Crossover, it would be “good experience”. After all, not many 14 year olds get the opportunity to travel to … Continue reading →

Learning Just As Much As The Kids

By Varun Ram As we head into week two of Crossover India basketball camp, I wanted to share four thoughts about our trip. First, let’s talk about the adjustment to living in Chennai. The bustling streets of Chennai rival those … Continue reading →

Taking It All In

By Lauren Koenig-Plonskier It’s impossible to take it all in. As everyone’s eyes flutter and heads roll with the gravity of post lunch drowsiness, mine widen to cartoonish dimensions, unable to relinquish their grasp on the hazy peripheries of my … Continue reading →

To Find a Million Ram’s…

By Maggie Brown One of the greatest beauties in the mystery of the precious human life lies within the irrefutable fact that time is not infinite, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and that the world will not spin beneath our wavering … Continue reading →

Tiny Hands Can Change The World

By Jonah Travis The funny thing about this time around, no matter how much you prepare for what’s about to come, you still can’t stop it.

The Crossover DUNK !!!!

By Mayank Singh During my teens, I lived in a small cantonment Wellington in Tamil Nadu. The town had people from various nationalities, as it housed the Defense Services Staff College – an Armed Forces training institute. Every evening, I … Continue reading →

Discovering India

By Mollie Gillespie With our departure for India less than a month away, I’m already restless with anticipation. I’ve traveled a bit before, but never so far, and I can’t help but wonder how I’ll be able to endure the … Continue reading →

Excited For This Opportunity

By Lauren Ball Twenty one more days until I board a plane to Boston, where my adventure with Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy begins. I first heard about this organization in August of 2013 after I had just returned from … Continue reading →

More Than Statistics…

By John Gillespie (@JohnG703) I’m bringing back to the United States the stories of many different kids from numerous different religious, financial, and educational backgrounds. These stories I put together through interacting with these kids for only two weeks have … Continue reading →

What I’m Bringing Home

By Jon Metzgar (@JonnyMet1) On Day One of my journey to Chennai, I wrote about what I was leaving behind in order to come here for two weeks. Now, on my last day before the flight home to Boston, I’m … Continue reading →

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