About Us

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is an international education-based non-profit program working in India using basketball as a vehicle of change. We use the pillars of Leadership, Character, Teamwork, and Communication to help children grow to their academic and intellectual potential.

While many education programs focus solely on more school hours and technology to level the "playing field," - we go beyond those pieces and connect students with the reasons an education is important and where it leads. Through Crossover, learning becomes the norm and student growth is demonstrated in and out of the classroom. Crossover changes the course of education and interaction for our students and their teachers. Beyond increasing education rates and creating a healthy population, we are preparing future leaders with character and integrity for Indian communities.

How are we different than other progams? Rather than a less poor rickshaw driver or house servant, Crossover opens up a new way of thinking so that children have the awareness and confidence to pursue any field they dream.

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Crossover would like to thank those organizations who have endorsed our work:

(A Fund of American Endownment Foundation)